Welcome to Katla Geopark!
To ensure an informative preparation to your visit to Katla Global Geopark we
provide you with the following information and useful links


 1.       Volcanic Activity

Katla Geopark is located in a geologically dynamic area and it´s volcanoes are closely monitored for
volcanic activity. There is an active plan for public safety and evacuation in the area, particularly in
case of a subglacial eruption. Following these links you can find information on geological activity,
alerts and procedures:
The Department of Civil Protection and Management - Facebook Page
The Icelandic Met Office - Facebook Page

A map of icelandic volcanoes. Source: http://icelandicvolcanoes.is/

2.       Travel and Roads:

Please help us keep our fragile nature undamaged and beautiful - off road driving is prohibited by law
and will be reported as a criminal offence resulting in considerable fines.
Please drive safely.
Many accidents occur in Iceland due to gravel on road margins or grazing sheep. For general
information on driving in Iceland please visit the following website: SAFETRAVEL
In addition, it is good to watch this video on how to drive in Iceland. 
Updated news on local road conditions can be found at The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration web page:


Driving in Iceland. Source: https://safetravel.is/driving

3.       Weather

Iceland is situated in a highly dynamic weather system where high and low altitudes collide
frequently. Due to this the weather can change rapidly, particularly in the highlands and in the winter
months. We urge our guests to be prepared, dress well (woollen lairs and windbreaker) and take
note of daily weather forecast. An interactive map with alerts can be found here. 
Check out the following websites for more information on weather and safe travel:


Wind map for Iceland. Source: www.windy.com

4.       Travel plan for the highlands - Safety measures

Katla Geopark urges those venturing into the highlands to take safety measures, leave a travel plan
and download an app for emergency.

Road information map. Source: https://vegasja.vegagerdin.is/eng/