12. October 2018

Conference – The 1918 Katla eruption

100 years from the onset of eruption on the 12th of October 1918


Vík í Mýrdal, 12.-13. October 2018


Katla´s eruption in 1918 and its impact on the nature and society during and after the eruption.

What would the consequences of Katla‘s eruption be in today‘s society?


On 12th of October this year, a hundred years have passed since the eruption began in Katla volcano that underlies the Mýrdalsjökull Ice Cap. The eruption in 1918 was one of the larger in Katla‘s Caldera in historic times. The eruption caused a massive glacial outburst flood and produced huge amounts of ash that spread over 60.000 km2 around Iceland.

On the occasion that a century has passed since the last great eruption, this momentous event will be commemorated with a conference in Vík í Mýrdal on the 12th and 13th of October. The focal issue will be Katla and the impact it had on the nature and society in Southern Iceland. The conference commences at 9:00 AM on October 12th and will consist of a variety of topics relating to Katla. The lectures will be carried out by a national array of leading experts and scientists in the field of natural sciences with leading research experience of Katla and great familiarity of the influence the volcanoe had on the surrounding landscape, natural environment and human population. The University of Iceland, The Icelandic Meteorological Office, The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, The Civil Protection and The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR) are among invited speakers. Moreover, lectures in which first hand stories of people who experienced the eruption will be presented. In further addition, volcanic monitoring methods will be explained and demonstrated eith the tools and equipment used by the Icelandic Meteorological Office. On the 13thof October, a short excursion on the place where eruption´s evidence will be discussed and studied.

Katla 1918
17. August 2018

Concert at Midgard Base Camp - Hildur

Come and see Hildur perform at Midgard Base Camp on Friday, August 17th.

Price: 2000 ISK. Tickets sold by the door. 

For dinner reservations please send us a message here or e-mail us at eat@midgard.is

We are looking forward to seeing you!

- The Midgard Team

06. October 2017


Regnboginn Annual Festival will be held 6.-8. October 2017.
Schedule announced later.
01. July 2017

International Day in Klaustur

What if we will connect few countries and inspire people to play their favourite music, bake cakes, cook traditional food and show some art connected with their countries? 
Do you like to taste new food? Or maybe discover new music? 
You are more than welcome to come and enjoy this event!
02. June 2017

Orienteering in Rangárþing eystra

Orienteering in Rangárþing eystra this summer 2017
2nd June - 1st September
More information here: http://www.hvolsvollur.is/menning-og-mannlif/vidburdir/ratleikur-2017/
05. November 2016

Fulmar festival

Fulmar feast will be held on the restaurant Ströndin(next to Víkurskáli in Vík) saturday 5th of November. 
To order a table call before thursday 3th of november 4871239 or email elias@vikurskali.is 
For the ones that do not like fulmar there is a smoked lamb! 
House opens at 19.30 and it starts at 20:00.
24. June 2016

Yoga on the beach!

Yoga under the open skies by the Atlantic Ocean in Reynisfjara Mýrdal(the black beach) during the longest days of summer 24th-26th of June
Yoga lessons are in the mornings at 8 and in the evenings at 18.15 all days and other hours if requested. Dress according to weather, but wear comforable clothes. 
Warm welcome! 
Signý Einarsdóttir - yoga teacher 
How to get there? Road 1 and then road 215.
04. June 2016

Mýrdalshlaupið - Run

Fourth Mýrdalshlaupið is a run that is on saturday 4th of June at 14:00. 
More info on hlaup.is, umfkatla.wix.com/heimasida and Umf Katla's Facebook.  
Sign up by sending your name, email and also further information to asthorjon98@gmail.com 
Registration fee is 2.500 if you sign up before 21:00 on friday 3th of June. After that its 3.000 ISK kr and you can sign up at 13:00 o'clock at Vikurskoli in Vik(next to the swimming pool). 
Runners must be at the school at 13.30 and the bus will be at the start at 13.45. 

25. April 2016

Geopark Week - Leiksskálar

The students of Víkurskóli invite to a Geopark festival with an introduction on food and products from Katla geopark. Sveinn Pálsson, natural scientist, has been a theme the whole week as well as the beginning and purpose of Katla geopark.
24. April 2016

Geopark Week- Brunasandur

Bicycle tour at Brunasandur with Touring Association of Skaftárhreppur and Kind Adventure. Possible to rent bikes. Please register with Rannveig tel. 8471604. The tour is about 17 km long.
23. April 2016

Geopark Week - Skogar museum

Guided tour on food heritage and food making in Rangárvalla– and V-Skaftafellssýlsu through the years. Guide is Andri Guðmundsson.

23. April 2016

Katla Geopark Run

Kl. 11:00. Katla Geopark Run —Hjörleifshöfði, 7 or 11 km. Registration at www.hlaup.is  till 20th April, or at disa@kotlusetur.is. Registration fee is 2500 kr for 15 years and older, 1500kr for younger. Víkurskáli/Ströndin offers participants soup after the run and Mýrdalshreppur offers free access to the swimming pool.
22. April 2016

Geopark Week - Katla Center Vik

All week the tourist office is open from 12-16 except on summer day of the first! We have a table full of brochures from the European Geopark Network. 
There you can find out if there is a Geopark in your country like here!
On Friday we have education on the Geopark!   
Kl. 14-15 How do we answer travellers questions about the Geopark. Let‘s educate our employees how to guide the travellers around the Geopark.
Kl. 16-17 – Living in a Geopark—What can I do to help?
20. April 2016

Geopark Week - Hvolsskóli

Students of the environmental commitee introduces this weeks projects along with yearly projects that the school has been working on like: vistheimt, jöklamælingar(glacier measurements), fjallgöngur(hikings) og vinnu við Tumastaðaskóg(project from the forrest Tumastaðarskóg).

20. April 2016

Geopark Week - Hótel Laki

A new educational and historical path opened. Exhibition of a finished turfing seminar.