Drangurinn is a very special tuff rock formation that  stands alone underneath Drangshlíd farm in the foothills of Eyjafjöll. A folktale tells of a strongman named Grettir Ásmundsson who was showing off and ripped the giant boulder right out of Hrútafell cliff, leaving a chasm which is now above Skarðshlíð. Under these rocks are caves and passages to which additional buildings have been added throughout the centuries. Most of them are still standing. These buildings are a good example of what is called ‘fornmannahús’ or ancient habitations. The site has been used in the filming of the Icelandic movie ‘Hrafninn flýgur’ and in various documentaries. Drangurinn and its immediate surroundings are a protected natural site.

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63.565675,-19.556093|Drangurinn í Drangshlíð 2||/media/79484/5896265281_66d39007cc_o.jpg?w=250&h=109&mode=crop|/geosites/drangurinn-i-drangshlid-2/