Hafursey is an exceptionally beautiful palagonite mountain, situated on the north side of Mýrdalssandur. It is divided by Klofgil Gorge- the west side, Skálafell, is 582m high and Kistufell on the east side, is 513m high. There, the Fulmar has its nesting frounds and the slopes are covered with scrub vegetation, in an area that was once forested. Hafursey was used by the farmers from Hjörleifhöfda for sheep grazing all year around and kept in a ‘sel’, a form of shelter used during  summers until 1854. The Sel (a natural cave used for shelter) in Hafursey is one of the best preserved remnants in the history of Iceland. In 1755, when Katla erupted, six men took shelter in the cave during the glacier burst. Their signatures, plus the date and year of their stay there, are written on the wall and are clearly visible as you enter the cave.

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