Reynisfjall is a 340 m high tuff mountain arising out of a volcanic eruption from under a glacier in the penultimate Ice Age, near the village of Vik.  Alternating in an irregular manner are layers of tuff, pillow lava and columnar basalt veins and loops. Reynisdrangar stacks are a collection of 66 m high rock pillars that rise out of the sea and are of the same geological formation as Reynisfjall. On Reynisfjöru beach, very beautiful basalt formations in the south part of the mountain can be seen, and there you will find an exceedingly beautiful cave called Hálsanefshellir.

Reynisfjara beach is a quite popular visit in our Geopark. However, the beach can be very dangerous with powerful ocean waves and huge rockfall in the cliffs due to coastal erosion, often very unexpected. It is very dangerous to be close to the ocean and tragic accidents have happened in recent years as visitors go to close to the ocean. The "every 5-7th wave" is the largest does not apply to the beach at Reynisfjara.
Despite warning signs being put up in recent years, visitors go to close and tragic accidents (fatalities) have occurred.  The best way to enjoy the area is to stand far away from the ocean and admire the beach from a good distance. NEVER turn your back on the ocean and do not leave children unattended.

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