Hrútshellir Cave in Hrútafell is said to be the largest man-made cave in Iceland and has many legends connected to it. The upper half contains an adjoining cave which is so high that at one time a 2nd floor was probably installed making this a double storey cave. Further in, there is a ledge that was undoubtedly used for sleeping. In the ceiling you will notice a carving of a cross. From this ledge, a hole leads down to the lower cave which is thought to have been made to allow the heat from the animals to rise and heat the upper chamber. There are many legends connected to this cave and the surrounding area. One such legend involves a man called Rút and his slaves who wanted to kill him. They proceeded to carve a hole under the ledge where Rút slept, so they could later on kill him with spears while he was sleeping. One night after arriving home, as he prepared to sleep he discovered their plot to kill him. He chased the slaves into the mountains and killed them all. The last slave, Guðni was killed on the glacier and this place is called today Guðnasteinn or Guðni’s stone. The cave is protected.

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