Nonna and Brynjuhús, is at Þykkvabæjarklaustur 2, located in Álftaver. There you can get accommodation, go hiking, experience the countryside, stay for a few days if you want, visit interesting places in the highlands and nearby.

You can also get local guided tours to nearby places like the place of Þykkvabæjarklaustur, Kúabót, Alviðruhamra lighthouse, view the Sauðhús, or go on a tour to Bólhraunafjörður and Mýrdalssand where the queen of Icelandic volcanoes Katla crowns the view from the throne of Mýrdalsjökull.

At Þykkvabæjarklaustur is breed sheep with extra soft wool, called feldfé. From the wool is made variety of wool products.

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63.507731, -18.371384|Nonna og Brynjuhús||/media/1031/Nonna-og-brynjuhus.png?w=250&h=109&mode=crop|/local-products/nonna-og-brynjuhus/