01. July 2015

Cooperation between geoparks, geoeducation and geoart.

Katla Global Geopark celebrates its fourth birthday and a revalidation this year, coming up in august. The Geopark is co-participating in an Erasmus+ project on Partnership for geo-education with the Papuk (Croatia) and Arouca (Portugal) Global Geoparks, led by the Polish geo-project „Land of the extinct volcanoes“ - The final output: Field trip geo-education methodology. While visiting Katla Geopark in the last week of June the group of experts, including mayors of municipalities, experienced the much visible results of Quaternary volcanic activity and it´s complex effects on livelihood and landscape, paid a visit to Reynisfjara-beach with its black sand, columnar basalt marine caves and sea stacks and saw Olga Kisseleva´s geo-art installation at Vík.

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