01. July 2015

Geo Quick Response by Olga Kisseleva at Vík beach

Interactive augmented reality installation made with driftwood and volcanic sand. 


The project Geo Quick Response created by Olga Kisseleva and Etienne Delprat in collaboration with the Katla Geopark is an artistic experimentation which is part of the research project organized by «Art & Sciences»  laboratory from the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. Geo Quick Response began in 2006 with the CrossWorlds project initiated by Olga Kisseleva and lead by «Art & Sciences» laboratory.  

Connecting visitors with the complexity of the landscape through the the direct intervention of the work created in-situ, the project seeks to engage visitors and create a fresh perspective of the explored areas and encourage reflection on the global issues that span the landscape.


An initial workshop held in collaboration with Margret Elisabet Olafsdottir, Una Sigtryggsdottir, Guillaume Jacquemin and Etienne Delprat that took place in June 2015 elaborated the first content of the Datascape and produced the land art installation.

In the few days spent in Vík the team sought to capture the complexity of the landscape. The Datascape thus offers inputs into the unseen and geological dynamics of the landscape through statistics identified with the local partners and through Géo-graphies, the artistic translations created during the workshop.


As a work in constant progress Geo Quick Response and the Datascape will evolve with the data present, the viewpoints of the global issues relevant in the landscape and with numerous Art & Science work sessions in France and in Iceland. 



Katla Global Geopark

Cultural center of Vik

The Embassy of France in Iceland

The Embassy of Iceland in France


See for yourself: http://www.datascape.fr/vik

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