07. April 2018

Asgard Beyond becomes a proud partner of Katla Geopark!

Asgard Beyond is the newest member to the Katla UNESCO Global Geopark family. 

Asgard - Beyond is a company started by a group of old friends who had worked together in the tourism industry for years. Coming together as a group they joined years of experience in multiple adventure disciplines which gives them all the tools to deliver safe and professional life time experiences to their guests in either Iceland or Greenland.

The Asgard team combines over 60 years of field and logistical outdoor experience, as guides,  instructors, climbers, skiers, ICE-SAR members and kayakers.
They are individuals with different backgrounds, inspirations and ambitions but share the same vision when it comes to providing safety and quality on all of their tours.

We heartily welcome them as a Proud Partner of Katla Geopark and we look very much forward to our continued cooperation!

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