02. July 2018

A new sign at Gígjökull outlet glacier.


Recently, Katla UNESCO Global Geopark and Landsbjörg (Icelandic Association for Search And Rescue) placed a new warning sign at the parking area near the Gígjökull glacier edge.

The sign was made in cooperation with Landsbjörg and placed by Katla Geopark. It is not danger-free to wander around such a dynamic landscape that is the viscinity of Gígjökull glacier. The sign, as can be seen on the photos, is meant to inform the traveler of the possible dangers one can encounter, in such a way that no special language skills are required to understand the meaning behind it. With english text and descriptive pictures - the hope is that the understanding reaches all nationalities.  


However, The ever-present danger when people and nature
meet will always be a factor. We hope that with the presence of the new sign, we can reduce or even avoid all accidents in the future.

We would like to thank Landsbjörg again for the
cooperation and certainly hope the sign will be read
and respected to further eliminate possible accidents
in the area of Gígjökull glacier.

Best regards,
the staff of Katla UNESCO Global Geopark

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