23. September 2020

Katla Geopark would like you to take part in Ruritage workshops - the link is here:

The link is here: https://zoom.us/j/96630554231?pwd=ZnhVMWpqMTM4R2tXTzJjN21Qa2k4Zz09

Katla Geopark would like to introduce to you the Ruritage workshops and we would like you to take part in them with us. The Ruritage project is aimed at rural areas where the community comes together to help improve the community and create new opportunities. That is done by working together at different projects, and the next step in Ruritage is to pick 1-4 project ideas out of a pool of 8, that will be carried out over the next few months. Katla Geopark therefore asks for the participation of individuals, companies, and the whole community, to get a wide cooperation to evaluate and define the projects that will be implemented.

The first workshop will be held on the 7th of October from 17:30-18:30. During the workshop the Ruritage project will be introduced along with the 8 project ideas and what each idea encompasses and the possible gains from them. After that there will be a short discussion among participants about the ideas and how they could be changed and/or improved. Participants can also introduce their own ideas for a project and either introduce them during the discussion, or send an e-mail to johannes@katlageopark.is and then the idea will be included in the introduction.

The workshop will be online, using the Zoom program, and a link for it will be published on the Facebook page and webpage of Katla Geopark on the day of the workshop. You only need to click the link and download the program (its automatic) and then you will enter the workshop. You can also get the link via e-mail, just send an e-mail to johannes@katlageopark.is to get one.

There is no commitment to the project required for participants, no fees or cost for participant involved in the program, and you can withdraw from the project whenever. The only thing that each participant needs to do is to fill out a very short questionnaire at the end of each workshop.

The 8 project ideas are:

  1. Support local farmers and other producers and service providers within the Geopark.
  2. Introduce and support the products and services offered within the Geopark.
  3. Introduce and implement a collaborative project between companies within the Geopark, with involvement from the municipalities and private parties.
  4. Research and preserve old travel paths within the Geopark, along with the traditions and superstitions connected to them – increase the knowledge about the area and its legacy.
  5. Create themed trails through the Geopark/areas within the Geopark.
  6. Increase the knowledge and preparedness of individuals for natural hazards within the Geopark.
  7. Develop a concept for emergency/evacuation bag, intended to increase the preparedness of inhabitants to respond to natural hazards.
  8. Map (with GPS) Heritage Features within the Geopark.

For more information and/or questions you can contact johannes@katlageopark.is

Thank you and we hope to see you at the workshop on the 7th of October.


Best regards, Katla Geopark

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