13. October 2020

Workshop nr. 2 on the Ruritage project for Katla Geopark - the link is in the article

The Zoom link for workshop nr. 2 in the Ruritage project of Katla Geopark is here: https://zoom.us/j/91676253969

The workshop starts at 18:00 and will last for about an hour. During the workshop we will vote on which project ideas will be implemented within Katla Geopark, Hope to see you there! :)


Workshop nr. 2 on the Ruritage project will be held now on Wednesday at 18:00-19:00. On the first workshop the project ideas were introduced, and people given the opportunity to express their ideas. Now we will vote for which projects we, as a community, will implement. The workshop will be online using the program Zoom, and a link to the workshop will be published on Wednesday.


If you would like to learn more about the Ruritage project, the webpage for the program is here: https://www.ruritage.eu/


Here is a list of the project ideas and a brief summary of the actions related to them:


1. Support local farmers and producers in innovation projects

The idea revolves around hosting events, such as farmers market, Christmas market, and/or fish market within Katla Geopark, where farmers, manufacturers and service providers get the opportunity to introduce themselves and their products.


2. Introduce and support the products, services and activities that are offered within the Geopark.

The idea revolves around increasing the visibility of products produced within the Geopark, for example with labels (made in Katla Geopark) that show that they are locally manufactured ext. Second, pre-existing activities will be supported, and new ones developed, for example looking into establishing a rock climbing area and a track for bikes and motocross bikes.


3. Introduce and implement a collaborative project between companies within the Geopark

The idea revolves around increasing the cooperation between companies in the area, either on the municipality level or for the entire Geopark. The cooperation could be similar to the #vikunited project, which is a collaborative platform for eateries in Vik to promote products, opening hours, and participating in collaborative events showcasing each business in its own way. This idea could be expanded or done separately to include exhibitions, shows ext.


4. Create themed trails through the Geopark/areas within the Geopark

This project would create various themed tours or trails through the Geopark, based on for example food, culture, old travel paths, ext. The tours would be used to increase the exposure of products and services available, and to get people to spend more time in the Geopark.


5. Research and preserve old travel paths within the Geopark, along with the traditions and superstitions connected to them – increase the knowledge about the area and its legacy.

In this project, mapping, photographing, and collecting information about various travel routes through the Geopark. The information would then be made available online. Similar project has been done in Skaftárhreppur municipality, and this one would include the other two municipalities within the Geopark. This project could also relate to the new exhibition about postal routes in Skógar museum. These travel paths could be the foundation for new hiking routes in the Geopark and could be made into a themed tour as well.



6. Increase the knowledge and preparedness of individuals for natural hazards within the Geopark.

This project would be varied and would include increased flow of information, to residents and tourists within the Geopark, about natural hazards. That would be achieved with more frequent information meetings and evacuation practices for the public, along with increased teaching materials for children. The availability of information would be increased, both online and with brochures, and tried to have them in as many languages as possible. Ways to facilitate the evacuation of tourists in Vik if Katla erupts are also possible, by increasing the training of managers and business owners so they can help out with the evacuation and putting up universal signs guiding tourists along the evacuation routes and to the gathering points.


7. Map (with GPS) Heritage Features within the Geopark

This project consists of mapping lesser known heritage features. Geocaching locations could also be put up within the Geopark, giving people a different way to learn about the many well-known locations within the Geopark and getting them to spend more time there. Activity for younger people could also be made, for example by having a treasure hunt within the Geopark or stamps available at certain locations.

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