02. December 2020

Uppsalahunang - local honey

Have you ever tasted honey mustard ? What about honey mustard locally grown, harvested and produced right here in Katla Geopark??  
Well soon you might be able to, because locals in Katla Geopark, who have been active bee farmers since 2013, started growing mustard seeds in 2015 to further support their busy little honey makers. 
They have in collaboration with a farmer who grows his animal feed in nearby Gunnarshólt started an even larger project, where the farmer sows the mustard seeds and they bring their bees to pollinate.
And together they make a better harvest and 100% local product. 
A must buy for you next visit to Katla Geopark - local honey and soon to be local honey mustard. More about them here:  Uppsalahunang

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