13. January 2021

Research project in Vikurskóli school – Katla Geopark

Katla Geopark and Víkurskóli school, in association with Katla centre, started a joint research project for students yesterday, 12th of January 2021. During the project, students from the school will measure and research the coastline of Víkurfjara over the course of the next few years, along with doing research on the grain size of the beach and its morphology.

6 profiles were established at the beach and they will be measured four times per year, in the fall, during winter, in the spring and late summer, in order to study how the beach changes between the seasons. With these measurements the students will be able to tell if the beach is growing or receding, along with getting a better idea of the energy state of the beach and the changes in morphology of the beach.

The aim of the project is to give students an opportunity to get to know research methods and to train them to do measurements, collecting data and interpreting data from measurements.

 The data will be published once a year and will be on display at the museum Hafnleysa, which is a part of Katla centre.

The first day of measuring the beach profiles yesterday went well, but the weather could have been nicer to us, as it was rather cold and intermittent snowfall during the day.

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