07. April 2021

Víkurskóli elementary school receives a grant from Sprotasjóður

One of Katla Geopark’s Geoschools, the elementary school of the Municipality of Mýrdalshreppur, has just received a grant from the fund Sprotasjóður. The grant sum is 1,2 million Isk and is for the project “Student’s research of the coastal changes at Vik beach” which is a joint project between the school, Katla Geopark and Katla Center. During the project, students from the school will measure and research the coastline of Víkurfjara over the course of the next few years, along with doing research on the grain size of the beach and its morphology. For further info on the project, please see: http://www.katlageopark.com/news/article/2021/01/13/research-project-in-vikurskoli-school-katla-geopark

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