26. April 2021

Katla Geopark and Directorate of Labour seminar

The Directorate of Labour contacted Katla Geopark a few months ago about setting up a seminar about the area within the Geopark. The seminar was intended for English speaking people who had lost their jobs in tourism when the Covid-19 pandemic started. The Geopark was interested in the idea and ended up organizing a seminar for the Directorate of Labour that was held last March.

36 people were signed up for the seminar and the Directorate of Labour oversaw the registration. The seminar lasted six days, two hours at a time, and was taught using the program Zoom. The subjects covered during the seminar were varied and several people taught a subject.

The subjects that were covered during the seminar were the history and the role of the Geopark, geology and geosites, volcanic systems and glaciers, birdlife and the status of the ecosystem, archaeology and Njal‘s saga. The Environment Agency of Iceland, Skógar Museum and Vatnajökull National Park also introduced their operation and role, and the Icelandic Met Office introduced the webpage icelandicvolcanoes.is. 

After the seminar, every student that had at least 80% attendance, received a certificate. The students were happy with the seminar and the Geopark plans to organize another seminar like this one, for the tourist companies within the Geopark, this summer. That seminar will be advertised later.

The Geopark want to use the opportunity and thank everyone that was involved with the seminar, students, the Directorate of Labour, and everyone that presented at the seminars.

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