13. July 2021

A fantastic afternoon - Meet & Greet - in Kötlusetur, Vík !

A fantastic afternoon with partners, producers, institutions and new friends in the area! 

Katla Geopark invited guests to a meet & greet in Kötlusetur tourism center in Vík in the afternoon of the 21st of June. There was a variety of visitors who came, all related to the Geopark but in different ways. For example, we had visitors from the Icelandic Forestry Association as well as many who came on behalf of tourism companies and producers. New friends were made and partnerships developed.

The Geopark had a presentation about GEOFOOD (www.geofood.no) introducing how partners of the Geopark could strengthen their role and identity as a Geopark partner by offering internationally recognised GEOFOOD brand, by cooperating in this growing, international network of local producers and restaurants in UNESCO Global Geoparks and offering nature-friendly produce in the Geopark. 

The Geopark also introduced the local partner and producer agreement with the Geopark. 

Everyone is welcome to be a part of the growing network of partners and producers in Katla Geopark and are encouraged to do so. We believe that even though we are strong alone, we are always stronger together. If you want to be part of our network simply send us an email (info@katlageopark.is) that you want to be invited to meetings and training seminars. There is no commitment involved in being part of our network. 

If you want to show your support and contribute to the community of the Geopark in strengthening its role as a sustainable tourism destination, you can make an agreement with the Geopark following some guidelines that our partners commit to through a simple written contract.

The contract is an agreement between the company and the Geopark, where both parties are commited to work together on a common goal of promoting and protecting the Geopark. With a written contract, companies recieve permission to use Katla Geopark logo´s in marketing materials and get special opportunities in promotion. Adhering to the contract involves partnering with other companies in order to achieve sustainable growth, with strong emphasis on nature protection and sustainable use of natural resources, promoting natural and cultural heritage while also working with other partners and producers in area, offering local produce, education, etc. More can be found on the agreements here (in Icelandic!).  Those who adhere to these guidelines and make a contract with the Geopark receive special promotion from the Geopark on various occasion! 

We are looking forward to meeting again in our next meet & greet :) 

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