31. January 2022

Welcoming Spanish PhD Student - search for housing during stay

Ms Miriam Lopes, a young Spanish audiovisual expert and long-time journalist, will be extending her doctoral studies to Katla Geopark in South Iceland this coming spring/summer. 

She is especially interested in Geoparks and is researching them in her home country in Spain (appx 15 in Spain!). She hopes to get to know the Geopark, along with its partners and collaborative instutions, during her stay and how they communicate and work together to strengthen the Geopark as a sustainable tourism destination.

She has recieved a grant from Erasmus+ on behalf of the University of South Iceland (HfSu) and is needing a place to live while she is here. We are assisting her in looking for a reasonable:

*  apartment or room, 6-8 weeks rent during the months of (may-august)

We would also like to ask our partners and friends to assist us during her stay, by inviting her for an introductory visit.   

Please contact us, berglind@katlageopark.is in 862-4066 or  info@katlageopark.is, 

Look forward to hearing from you!

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