19. February 2022

The land of fire and ice : an article in Scan Magazine

An interview with Berglind Sigmundsdóttir, Director of Katla Geopark, was taken this winter for an article in Scan Magazine, an airport, lounge and inflight magazine for British Airways, Finn Air, Ryan Air Nordic Routes, SWISS Air, EasyJet, Lufthansa, Eurowings and Iceland Air gate services and business lounges They are also distributed with Stena Line and DFDS Seaways' ferries and found at all the Nordic embassies in London, as well as it is distributed to all the members of the Nordic Chambers' of Commerce (75.000).

In the interview, Berglind describes the importance of working together on protection of nature and preservation of culture and traditions, and how close partnerships amoung the companies and within the community of Katla Geopark is key. She also briefly mentions the dangers of the Geopark, not only linked to volcanoes and jökuhlaup, but also weather and sneaker waves at Reynisfjara beach, one of Katla Geopark´s most visited geosites. Recently a serious accident had occurred in Reynisfjara beach. 

We encourage you to read the article here:  The land of ice and fire – the natural dangers and the local community (scanmagazine.co.uk)

Please see www.scanmagazine.co.uk for previous issues.

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