28. April 2022

Katla Geopark and Katla Centre's Hjörleifshöfði run

Last Sunday, the 24th of April, was the annual Hjörleifshöfði run held by Katla Geopark and Katla Centre in Vík. There was a good turnout this year and people came from many different places. The weather conditions were almost perfect for running, light breeze, warm and cloudy. Two running distances were available, 7 and 11 km, where the 7 km took you around Hjörleifshöfði cape while you had to run up the cape and a circle there for the 11 km. Everyone that participated in the run got a medallion and then trophies for the winners of the 7 and 11 km run and special trophies for participating in the run for the first time, the most consistency in running time between years and finally the couple trophy. The winners of the run and the person who had to travel the furthest to get to the race then also got wool socks from Katla wool Vík. You can see photos from the run here: Hjörleifshöfðahlaup 2022 | Flickr. For the runners who participated in the run and want the photos of themselves, please contact Johannes at Johannes@katlageopark.is and we will send them to you 😊

After the run the runners went to Ströndin who had invited them for a free soup and then Mýrdalshreppur invited everyone to the swimming pool. We also want to remind everyone about the Mýrdalshlaup in May, and we are also looking forward to seeing all of you next year at the Hjörleifshöfði run 😊

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