06. May 2022

Katla Geopark receives the 3rd largest grant from the Tourist Site Protection Fund!

Every year, the Iceland Tourist Site Protection Fund (Framkvæmdasjóður Ferðamannastaða) calls for applications regarding site management and site development. There are many applications with only some recieving grants.

Numerous geosites and paths within the Geopark recieved grants this year, the third largest grant was well received by the Geopark itself,  with no less then 258,000 EU (35,8 million ISK) allocated to making a new path and viewpoint in front of Eyjafjallajökull Volcano.  The work has been ongoing for some time in cooperation with the landowners of Þorvaldseyri and architecture company Basalt. 

Various other places recieved a grant as well, 

Þakgil - a beautiful and remote valley, nestled in front of Katla volcano, with a campsite, rented huts, wc facilities, and many hiking paths, recieved 1,7 million ISK to fix paths and signage.

Mýrdalshreppur municipality of the town Vík, recieved 17,1 million ISK to design and develop a new viewing platform in the Reynisfjall along with developing/fixing the hiking path leading to it.

Rangárþing eystra municipality of the town Hvolsvöllur, recieved numerous grants for infrastructure improvements at Gluggafoss (1,2 million isk), Landeyjarsandur 4,5 million ISK (close to the ferry to Vestmannaeyjar) and Efra-Hvolshellar Caves, one of the oldest man-made caves in Iceland, 1,6 million ISK!

Its safe to say that the Geopark area will be improved for our community and visitors, protecting the natural and cultural heritage, while providing a safe and memorable experience! 



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