09. May 2022

Students at Víkurskóli school measured the Víkurfjara beach profiles

Students at Víkurskóli school measured Vikurfjara beach on the 4th og May, during a lovely day. The students measured seven beach profiles, took photographs, and collected sand samples that they will later sieve and analyse the grain size distribution. The profile measurements are part of the ongoing research project Víkurfjara, which is a joint research project between Katla Geopark, Víkurskóli Geoschool and Katla Centre. The project consists of students measuring the profiles on the beach and then use those measurements to calculate change in volume and width of the beach along with monitoring the stability of the beach ridge. The results from these measurements will tell us about the stability of the beach and weather the sand collectors (groynes) are working and preventing erosion on the beach. The project started in January 2021 and student have therefore been monitoring the beach for over a year. The first report on the project will be published next fall.  

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