02. September 2022

Fulmar rescue in Katla Geopark

After Katla Geopark shared a poster on how to rescue fulmars along with its partners, numerous emails on the subject were sent to the Geopark.  One particularly interesting story was shared to us and concerned Arianne Gaehwiller and her family, which has formed an annual tradition to visit Katla Geopark and save fulmars and they have done this through recent years. This year, they rescued almost three hundred young fulmars, and drove over 3,000 km in total during rescues. The Geopark got permission to share photos from their rescue missions, which you can see here, and is collecting more stories and photos to encourage more people to participate in fulmar rescuing next year, so if you have photos and/or stories you want to share, please contact johannes@katlageopark.is or phone 866-7863.

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