20. September 2022

Joint project on GEOTOURISM – AGH and Holy Cross Geopark

Katla Geopark is a partner of the University Centre of South Iceland in a project funded by the EFTA Development Fund (EEA Grants), but the project involves the development of a master's degree course on geotourism. The project is led by the AGH University of Technology in Krakow, Poland, but the official partner in Iceland is the University Centre of South Iceland. Katla Geopark and Holy Cross Geopark are considered good examples of areas that have developed infrastructure to support the development of geotourism.

The first “kick-off” meeting for the project was held at AGH University at the end of May, with representatives from both Geoparks, University Centre of South Iceland, and the faculty of Life and Environmental sciences at the University of Iceland. In September, a seven-person group of the Polish project partners came for an extensive visit to Iceland, which included eight days of training and field trips where several partners and geosites were visited. The aim of the visit was to learn from Katla Geopark and the University of South Iceland about teaching methods in geoeducation, geotourism and tourism in South Iceland. Two seminars were held during their visit, where tourism students from the University of Iceland participated in one, while representatives from companies and partners of Katla Geopark took part in the other. You can find photos from the visits here.

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