11. October 2022

Southcoast Adventure becomes a Geopark Partner

Katla Geopark and Southcoast Adventure recently formalized their partnership through a written partnership agreement. The partnership involves, among other things, to work together to promote sustainable geotourism in the region. The emphasis is on utilizing local resources and highlighting the region’s cultural and natural heritage, encouraging visitors to interact responsibly with the natural and cultural sites within the Geopark and to increase available information and understanding about the area’s uniqueness. The cooperation also includes strengthening the cooperation with other companies in the area as well as adopting environmentally friendly measures in their own operations, such as decrease energy consumption and recycling and sorting garbage.

Southcoast Adventure was the first local super jeep company in the South of Iceland, starting in 2008 with only one super jeep and a very enthusiastic owner. The company has grown gradually each year and now almost a decade later we possess over two dozen cars and are still growing at a steady phase. The majority of our staff are locals with years of experience in their field. We strive to make each trip special and unique leaving us with extremely high customer satisfaction. We use Iceland’s dramatic weather changes to our advance and tailor make each tour according to weather and ground condition. With years of experience we aim to make our tours better each year with small group sizes and personal guidance. We are proud receivers of Trip Advisor's 'Certificate of Excellence’ now couple years in a row. The company today has 34 vehicles of all shapes and sizes, including snowmobiles and 4×4 buggies. Initially, daily trips were offered to Eyjafjallajökul, Þórsmörk, and Katla Ice Cave. Today the company has grown considerably and daily trips are offered in many vehicles to many destinations; snowmobile and buggy trips; twice, daily departures to the ice cave; trips transporting luggage for those clients who are doing hikes to the various glaciers, mountains, and the interior; glacier ice-hikes as well as those up mountains and further inland. All of this as well as custom-made trips/adventures for those who have a thirst for something off the beaten track. Many of the staff are also active members of the local Search and Rescue and this obviously is an added bonus when dealing with Icelandic nature and the sometimes rugged environment. Thankfully their special skills have not often been called upon but it is a reassuring skill to have. We operate wide selection of activities all year round. Being located in the heart of South Iceland gives us the perfect opportunity to offer our customers great variety of fun and adventurous tours of all kinds. The company has recently opened a new base camp, Brú Base, by the Markarfljót River on the way to Þórsmörk and the plan is to further develop this as visitor center with information and local products from Katla Geopark.

Through the partnership, Southcoast Adventure has become part of a growing group of companies within Katla Geopark that have dedicated themselves to working together to maintain the UNESCO recognition of the area. With this contribution, they receive a special symbol, Katla Geopark Partner, and can thereby draw attention to their involvement in the development and protection of the area in the interest of sustainable development. Katla Geopark is looking forward to its future cooperation with Southcoast Adventure and for more information about the Geopark‘s Partners, please see https://www.katlageopark.com/about-katla/katla-geopark-partners/ 

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