04. November 2022

Katla Geopark Online Seminar

We are preparing an online seminar about Katla Geopark and its unique characteristics related to the natural and cultural heritage of the area. The course is especially useful for those working in tourism and would like to gain more knowledge about the area, but everyone is welcome to attend.

We have set up this short survey to assist in the planning process and are hoping for your contribution so that we can adjust the seminar as best to your schedule. A minimum amount of participants is required. 

The course will be about 20-25 presentations from leading specialists and scheduled in the second week of December 2022 (or weekend, depends on the results of the survey!). It will be taught in English.

Please take 5-8 minutes and give us your feedback - the survey will be open until the 11th of November. 

Katla Geopark Seminar Survey

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