08. November 2022

Stories and videos about food tradition within Katla Geopark

The Geopark has been collecting stories related to food and food production over the last few months. The collection of the stories is a part of the GEOfoodEDU project that the Geopark is participating in, along with Magma Geopark in Norway, Faroese Geological Survey and Innovation South Greenland. A few interviews have been made so far and stories made from them about several subjects, such as traditional fulmar hunting and cooking, jam and jelly making, growing rapeseeds, and fish farming in a lava field. These stories, along with stories from the other project partners, have now been published in an online booklet. The stories were illustrated by the Norwegian artist Siv-Grethe Bohn Pettersen and you can read the five stories from the Geopark along with the stories from the other areas here. The Geopark has also made four videos from these stories, which you can see here, and the videos from the other partners you can see here.

The cultural heritage of food and food production is very important and if you would like to share some stories about it with the Geopark for future preservation, you can contact Johannes at johannes@katlageopark.is or phone 866-7863.

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