19. April 2023

Katla Geopark’s Geoweek starts today

Katla Geopark’s Geoweek starts today with multiple fun events and offers that will be available during the week. You can see the program and the offers in the photos. Each event and offer will be introduced during the week as well. The Geoweek is being held at the same time as Vor í Vík and we recommend having a look at the program there as well. It is best to follow the Geoweek on the Geopark’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/katlageopark.

Today there is an introduction on Zoom (the link is https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86728143729) where the program of the Geoweek will be introduced and Sigurður Sigursveinsson, a board member of Katla Geopark, will give a short introduction to Geoparks.

At 16:00 the „ask a geologist“ corner will be in Katla Centre in Vík, where you can ask a geologist a question if you have a burning question connected to geology.

At 17:00 the first day of Trash heroes starts, which is trash picking in a fun way, with Icelandic lessons on the way. Trash heroes starts at Katla Centre in Vík.

Today the voting on which should be the rock type of Katla Geopark starts as well. The Geopark has selected eight different rock types to vote from and each day during the Geoweek you can vote between two of them until there is only one remaining. The voting takes place on the Facebook page of the Geopark where you can also find a short description of each rock type. The rock types and the elimination bracket can be seen here, and we encourage people to vote.

The Geopark Bingo also starts today, where the Geopark encourages people to visit different places within the Geopark. Four different cards are available, one for each Municipality of Rangárþing eystra, Mýrdalshreppur, Skaftárhreppur, and one for different geological formations.

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