20. September 2022

Joint project on GEOTOURISM – AGH and Holy Cross Geopark

Katla Geopark is a partner of the University Centre of South Iceland in a project funded by the EFTA Development Fund (EEA Grants), but the project involves the development of a master's degree course on geotourism.

02. September 2022

Fulmar rescue in Katla Geopark

After Katla Geopark shared a poster on how to rescue fulmars along with its partners, numerous emails on the subject were sent to the Geopark.

27. August 2022

What to do if you see baby fulmars on roads

At this time of the year, baby fulmars will start to fly from their nests. They often do not make it to where they wanted to go and many end up on roads or other places where they are in danger and/or cannot easily move away from.

01. July 2022

Ruritage Final Conference in Paris, 8-10 June 2022

Katla Geopark attended the final conference of the project "Ruritage - Cultural heritage as a tool for regional development", which was held in Paris last June and close to two hundred people attended.