20. November 2020

Online class introducing Icelandic Volcanoes

On the occasion of the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, an online class for all elementary students in the Geoparks was offered by the Meteorological Office.

18. November 2020

The results of the first two Ruritage workshops

The Geopark conducted two workshops at the beginning of last October with good results. During the first workshop the Ruritage project and a few projects ideas, that the Geopark and the society within the Geopark can work on during the next two years, were introduced. During the second workshop participants voted on which 2-4 project ideas we should implement, and the results were that we should focus on three ideas

13. November 2020

Introduction webinar on the RIS3 project on the 17th of November

Online introduction webinar on the RIS3 project will be held on the 17th of November. The topic is cultural and natural heritage for regional smart specialization strategies. Below you can find more information about the webinar and how to sign up for it.

13. October 2020

Workshop nr. 2 on the Ruritage project for Katla Geopark - the link is in the article

Workshop nr. 2 on the Ruritage project will be held now on Wednesday at 18:00-19:00. On the first workshop the project ideas were introduced, and people given the opportunity to express their ideas. Now we will vote for which projects we, as a community, will implement. The workshop will be online using the program Zoom, and a link to the workshop will be published on Wednesday.