17. August 2018

100 years ago - Katla 1918 Conference – Oktober 12.- 13.

On 12th of October this year, a 100 years have passed since the eruption began in Katla volcano that underlies the Mýrdalsjökull Ice Cap. The eruption in 1918 was one of the longest in Katla‘s Caldera in historical times. The eruption caused a massive glacial outburst flood and produced huge amounts of ash that spread over 60.000 km2 around Iceland.

07. August 2018

Flooding in Skaftá River.

A glacial outburst (Jökulhlaup) is currently taking place in Skeiðará river in South-Iceland. The river runs between Vík and Kirkjubæjarklaustur. The ringroad is currently closed at the flood sites. Bypass on road 204 - Meðallandsvegur. Travellers are urged to take great care and not to linger on the sites due to the risk of gas pollution and other unforeseen incidents.

01. June 2018

Announcement from Katla UNESCO Global Geopark

Brynja Davíðsdóttir, current CEO of Katla UNESCO Global Geopark will be on leave for the next three months due to unmanagable circumstances. Berglind Sigmundsdóttir will be acting CEO in her absence. Ásgeir Magnússon, chairman of Katla UNESCO Global Geopark.