Vík is known for stunning nature and incredible viewpoints. Traveling through and around Vík village, make sure you don't miss one of the most interesting museums in South Iclenad. The Skaftfellingur Museum has a number of exhibitions, including⁠ a century old oak ship on display including equipment and ship accessories. A graphic presentation about a number of marine accidents that occurred off the South Coast of Iceland can be seen along with a 1950's motion picture about the lives of sailors and the Skaftfellingur ship. 

In 1917, a decision was made to buy a 60-ton oak ship that was under construction in Denmark. In 1918 the ship was launched and given the name of Skaftfellingur. As no fuel was available for the engine, the crew had to rely on the ships sails. The journey to Iceland took 17 days, including a four day delay in Alesund in Norway. The ship arrived to the Westman Islands on 6 May 1918, where they could fuel the engine and it continued its journey to Reykjavik.

Visit the museum and experience the history of Vík!

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