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Enjoy the countryside

Nonna og Brynjuhús Guesthouse

Enjoy the countryside

Nonna og Brynjuhús Guesthouse

Nonna and Brynjuhús, is at Þykkvabæjarklaustur 2, located in Álftaver. There you can get accommodation, go hiking, experience the countryside, stay for a few days if you want, visit interesting places in the highlands and nearby.

You can also get local guided tours to nearby places like the place of Þykkvabæjarklaustur, Kúabót, Alviðruhamra lighthouse, view the Sauðhús, or go on a tour to Bólhraunafjörður and Mýrdalssand where the queen of Icelandic volcanoes Katla crowns the view from the throne of Mýrdalsjökull.

Sleeping bag accommodation or made-up bed, we can offer you both at Nonna og Brynjuhús. At our hostel you will find a big kitchen with a fridge, freezer, and everything you need for cooking. On the other hand, we don't offer any food or groceries so you will have to bring that yourself. The nearest supermarkets and gas stations are in the village of Vík, 42km west of us, and Kirkjubæjarklaustur, 50km east of us.

At our farm we also do regular farmwork, sheeps and a few horses. Our guests are more than welcome to have a look around and watch the farmwork in action.


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