Lindarfiskur is a small, family run Arctic Char farm - inspired by its surroundings.

Isolated with more than 10 km to the nearest neighbours, the site is unique. Surrounded by lava fields, clean water and nothing but nature! The lava functions as a giant filtering system, delivering the cleanest water - mostly originating from Vatnajökull glacier. This lays the foundation for their very-high-quality product. The fish thrive with plenty of room, eating like kings while hummocking around in the cold clear water.

The char is raised all the way from spawn. All waste is used as fertilizer and all production is local from start to finish.

Our store is located in Vík at Sunnubraut 18 - We are only open from 16:00-18:00 on Tuesdays. This is done to insure the you get the freshest fish possible!


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