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Katla Geopark's Geoweek 2024

Geo Week 2024 was celebrated last week with many events and offers. The geopark would like to thank everyone who participated in the Geo week, both companies and individuals who participated and of course everyone who attended events or took advantage of the offers.

As usual, there were offers, events and geopark geoweek products from many companies, e.g. Zipline, Katlatrack, Skool Beans, Lava Show, Valdís, Katla Wool, Midgard, Ey Collection, Hotel Klaustur, Hotel Kría, Lava Centre, and Nonna and Brynjuhúsi,

Many events were held during Geoweek, for example Víkurskóli and the geopark unveiled new educational signs about the Víkurfjara beach project which are on display in the corridors of Icewear in Vík.

Then there was an open house in Nonna and Brynjuhús in Álftaveri, along with an workshop and a drawing course. The geopark had a lecture about the geology of Skaftárhreppur municipality as well and we would like to take this opportunity to thank Vatnajökull National Park for their hospitality.

The geopark and the Lava Center also teamed up and guided at the exhibition at Lava Centre. The Hjörleifshöfði run was of course held during the week and had a record attendance this year, for the second year in a row. Kötlusetur is in charge of the run, and they have done an amazing job in building up the event in recent years. At the end of the run, we got to see nature in all its glory, when a small tornado formed on Mýrdalssandur sand plain. Kolbrún, Svara and Esteban took us to exotic places in a photo exhibition at Víkurskóli, Ungmennafélagið Ás organized a walk to Orustuhól geosite, Midgard had several events, and Hótel Kría held a concert. And finally, the icing on the cake during the week was a vote on which mountain should be "the mountain of Katla Geopark". The voting was done on Facebook the whole week and in the end, it was Mt. Hafursey that won and is a worthy mountain for that namesake.

Celebrating Earth Heritage

How to visit the Katla Geopark

Katla UNESCO Global Geopark is in central South Iceland


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