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Diverse bird life

Dyrhólaós and Loftsalahellir

Dyrhólaós and Loftsalahellir

Dyrhólaós is 4.8 km estuary near Vik í Mýrdal. The extensive mudflats, which are unique in south Iceland are an important ecosystem and breeding ground for many migratory birds. Loftsalahellir Cave is a rather large and unusual cave made of tuff rock on the southwest side of Geitafjall Mountain which sports a variety of basalt formations and lush vegetation on its slopes. The cave served as an assembly place for the farmers in Mýrdal and nearby is Gálgaklettur or ‘gallows rock’. The name suggests that the execution of criminals was performed there early in the last century, although no records to confirm this have ever been found.

Celebrating Earth Heritage

How to visit the Katla Geopark

Katla UNESCO Global Geopark is in central South Iceland


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